A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


BeeWildered is a video game based around the work-life of our buzziest and most essential flying insects - BEES!

The player must control a hive and the bees in it so that players can build up their environment, just as bees do naturally.


BeeWildered is a meditative style game which allows the player the ability to develop and expand a local ecosystem through the three main actions that bees do best. Set in a valley filled with trees the land is ready to be molded into a garden of fruits and flowers. The player not only needs to control the actions of their swarms but they need to be attentive to the environment as it will, no doubt, die without their input. The swarms that the player controls have basic actions; Build, Collect, and Nurse. Bees have a mechanical simplicity to their actions and the player needs to tap into that to improve their environment. The player will have up to 4 swarms per type of bee. They will then spend time developing their environment and keeping their environment however they see fit.

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Install instructions

Download is a .zip archive. In order to play, you need to extract the archive and then run the executable file within the file folder.


BeeWildered - Windows Version 79 MB
BeeWildered - Mac OS Version 48 MB
BeeWildered - Linux Version 48 MB

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